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This representation is based on the value domain for this data element, more information is available at " Reporting Level to CEO 2013_current ".

The reporting level to the CEO is the relative hierarchical position of the manager according to the internal organisational chart (i.e. the number of levels,or distance, between the employee and the CEO). It is reported as follows: - The CEO’s reporting level to the CEO is recorded as ‘0’. - The reporting level to the CEO can range from -1 to -15 (below CEO). For example, managers who report to the CEO have a reporting level of ‘-1’. - Where there is no CEO in Australia and a manager reports directly to a CEO who is based overseas, the reporting level to the CEO for that individual would still be recorded as ‘-1’. - The reporting level to the CEO is recorded as ‘+1’ (above CEO) for a manager who is more senior than the CEO and reports to someone overseas (this typically occurs in global organisations). - There may be more than one reporting level to the CEO within any of the standardised manager categories. The infographs on the next page provide examples of reporting levels to the CEO:

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