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Data Element (this item)


This representation is based on the value domain for this data element, more information is available at " Employment status code 2013_current ".
Value Meaning Definition Start Date End Date
Permissible Values FT Full-time Employees who are engaged to work a minimum number of hours per week defined as full-time by your specific organisation. Hours are reasonably predictable with a guaranteed number of hours of work per week. Please refer to what constitutes full-time hours in your specific organisation, for example 37.5, 38 or 40 hours per week.
PT Part-time Employees who are engaged to work on average, less than 38 hours per week or what constitutes full-time hours in your specific organisation. These employees usually work regular hours each week, are entitled to the same benefits as a full-time employee but on a pro-rata basis, and are either permanent employees or on a fixed-term contract.
NA Casual An employee that usually works irregular hours, has no guaranteed hours of work, doesn't get paid sick or annual leave and can end employment without notice, unless notice is required by a registered agreement, award or employment contract.

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As a numerator in an Indicator 6
As a denominator in an Indicator 4
As a disaggregation in an Indicator 10