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Our five standard occupational categories for managers reflect their responsibilities, not their formal titles. Your organisation may not have managers in every category. Please note that a manager does not need to be responsible for people to count as a manager. For a corporate structure, categorise your managers based on the entity where they work and not their position in the overall corporate structure.

A supervisor is not a manager. A supervisor has limited decision-making authority.

A casual or temporary employee from a labour hire organisation is not a manager, even if they work as a manager for their host employer. The labour hire organisation who employs them directly should classify them in the ‘Other’ standard non-manager category.

If an employee holds more than one role at once, include them in the category where they spend more of their working week. For example, if they work two days in category X and three days in category Y, report them as a category Y employee.

If an employee changed roles during the reporting year, report them as the category they belonged to on the snapshot date.

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